Efficiency & Compliance
EU Food Law - Regulation No. 178/2002 has come into force since the first of January 2005. This legislation requires all Food Business Operators (FBO's) in the Food, Drinks and Animal Feed sector to be able to provide "one step forward" and "one step backwards" traceability of their produce.  

Our eQ trace software platform will ensure you are compliant with this legislation and at the same time dramatically improve the efficiency of your organisation and reduce the cost of operating your business on a day to day basis.

Our system can link with your existing Accounts Package to provide you with one integrated, paperless, business management system.

Waste Management Traceability
is a key issue for Councils, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Companies and the Manufacturing Sector. Our Software automates the tracking of Documents, C1 forms, waste processing and disposal. Automatic billing customers by weight and simplifing reporting to local authorities.
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